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Golden Retriever Rescue

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Goldens vary in size and color (from Blonde to Red, from 40 lbs to over 100 lbs). Generally Goldens are large dogs that need a lot of attention, exercise and grooming. They love people and want to be near people whenever possible.

They are joyful and exuberant dogs that seem to stay puppies forever. Jumping on people is common for Goldens and their tail will clear off anything in its path. Because they are exuberant dogs we recommend obedience training so they do not become unmanageable.

Many Goldens like to carry things in their mouths and need to be taught what they can have and what they cannot. They also love water and may seek out every mud puddle they can find. If you would like a calmer dog consider adopting an older Golden. There is nothing like "Old Gold". Older Goldens still enjoy walks, swimming and going wherever you go. The seniors seem to be more grateful for the love and attention they receive.

 Uniting Golden's with People  for a Lifetime of Love and Happiness