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Hi, I am Cody and I need your help.  I have had a tough life so far and I am only 11 months old.  I came into rescue from a breeder/puppy mill when I was 7 weeks old with "Puppy Strangles".  My eyes were so bad I was virtually blind and had these lumps all over my body.  Twelve weeks of strong antibiotics and steroids made me better.

A few months ago I was diagnosed with Grade 4 "Luxating Patella" (my knee cap attached to the side of my leg) in both my back legs.  Due to my age I was not able to have surgery until my bones matured and this made me quite crippled.  On July 2nd I was able to have my first surgery.  My nice vet said it was much worse than expected.  A lot of taking out bone, cutting bone, making a new groove and pinning.  Also muscle and tendons had to be cut and re attached.  I am in pain and will need rehab 4-5 times a day but I am a strong, happy boy.  I will never be totally normal but I should not be crippled.  I have 6-8 weeks rehab and then I get to do it all over again with my other leg.  That sucks doesn’t it?   

I need your help with donations for my surgeries.  Since worse than expected it will cost over $8000.  My laser and water re-hab has already been donated which will help with my recovery.  I am looking for help so it doesn’t put a strain on the rescue and so they can continue to help sweet guys and gals like me.  I sure appreciate any donation you can give.  Thank you very much!

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